Get power from your field

There is something on your farmland or field that can make you money. Something you might not have thought can be found on your field and that we all need. Electricity!

The annual solar power production on a 5-hectare solar field is equivalent to the power consumption of 1,500 households. Specifically, this means:

  • A horizontally tracked photovoltaic system is installed on farmland or grassland (on a minimum of approx. 5 hectares).
  • The loss of acreage, a maximum of 2%, is minimal.
  • All relevant factors such as site conditions (terrain, cultivation lines), environmental influences (hours of sunshine, wind), as well as local agricultural crops/cultivation etc. are included in the planning and operation.

Power from the farm

By aligning the modules with the position of the sun, electricity is continuously generated throughout the day. The system thus configured not only generates maximum electricity yields, it also ensures that electricity is fed into the grid as evenly as possible. This in turn ensures grid and power stability. It levels out the usual midday peaks of rigid systems, which saves storage capacities and removes the need for grid expansion; when marketed directly, it also generates additional income.

The advantages at a glance

  • System components tried and tested over many years
  • Up to 18% more electricity yields due to efficient system control
  • Low maintenance and operating costs (minimum cleaning, low risk of stone chipping and other damage, snow-free modules)
  • Minimal electricity generation costs
  • Smoothing out of midday PV electricity peaks as a result of better distribution of electricity generation throughout the day due to tracking
  • Can be integrated into wind farms without increasing power input
  • Excellent system compatibility for power grids and self-consumption systems

Am I ready for hectares of solar power?

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An area of at least 5 hectares in size should not be a problem. Will it be suitable for agricultural photovoltaics?
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