Agrivoltaics: solar power by the hectare

The term agricultural photovoltaics means nothing more or less than being able to use your acreage twice - namely for farming or grassland cultivation AND for "electricity farming" on the field. And you can do that without any significant loss of acreage.

How does the song go? Land of rivers, Land of fields? Our national anthem couldn't be more true ...

Additional revenue for agriculture

If combined properly, you can increase the land use efficiency of your farmland and grassland by up to 160%. Agricultural photovoltaic systems are not ground-mounted PV installations which use the land for electricity generation only. By "harvesting" electricity and food at the same time, you can increase your yield per unit of land. The annual solar power production on a 5-hectare solar field is equivalent to the power consumption of 1,500 households.

Design from Austria

The new development by EWS Consulting GmbH from Munderfing in Upper Austria, the "EWS Sonnenfeld®" - scalable, industrially manufactured mounting systems that have been tried and tested over many years - can be used immediately, thereby significantly improving the economic efficiency of agricultural photovoltaic systems. The innovative approach: Tracked module tables enable maximum electricity yield with minimal loss of acreage.

The advantages at a glance

  • Additional revenue for agriculture
  • Crisis-proof even during climate-induced crop loss
  • Simultaneous regional production of electricity and food
  • Higher social acceptance due to minimal loss of acreage (2%)

Am I ready for hectares of solar power?

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