Soybeans, sunflowers, potatoes and grain millet have been brought in.

09.10.2023: Harvest results and practical experience are extremely positive. The celebration took place at the Pommes Party on 6 October at the EWS Sonnenffeld in Bruck/Leitha.

Joachim Payr returns from the EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha with a smile. He has taken a close look at the grain millet harvest and is visibly satisfied with the result.

Joachim Payr: "Once again we see that there are no problems with the combine harvester at the EWS Sonnenfeld. The distance in the turning area to the end of the module table is sufficient, the turning manoeuvre and threading into the next row causes no problems at all. The cultivation strips of 6, 9 and 12m centre distance are all easy to drive on and the areas can be harvested completely."

The combine also coped well when harvesting soybeans and sunflowers. Even though it was quite close in the sunflowers, with a slightly slower pace and due calm, all rows could be harvested.

It is different with the potato harvest with the potato harvester: here the machine is wider than the pick-up. This leaves the two outer rows bordering the flowering strip, which ends in line with the toothed rim controlling the module tables. This must be taken into account in the future when cultivating potatoes.

Potatoes to harvest yourself at the French Fries Party on Friday, 6 October 2023

We used this circumstance for a special experience at our harvest party at the EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha. With a historic potato harvester from 1963 farmer Robert Maurer drove over the remaining rows during the showers. Those who wanted to could collect the potatoes and take them home. About 70-100 guests from the region took the opportunity to do just that and, in beautiful autumn weather, to get an idea of how agri-photovoltaics contributes significantly to food production in addition to solar power generation. The children's programme "Wild Wind" about renewable energy was enthusiastically enjoyed by the youngest. A successful festival with an extra portion of chips to take home.

Tunnel effect with dust

Folding up the module tables to 70° before the combine harvester enters the field has the advantage, in addition to the high clearance light, that the dust produced during threshing is not deposited on the modules, but is held on the cultivation strip like in a tunnel and sinks back to the ground. The modules are therefore not soiled and cleaning them is obsolete.

In the picture documentation we show harvest pictures and impressions of the French fries party.

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