Press report in "Bauernjournal Österreich" on dual utilisation at EWS Sonnenfeld®

14.02.2024: Farmers are very interested in producing food and energy on the same area of land. Editor Wolfgang Dürnberger from "Salzburger Bauer" enquired about the practical test of Agri-PV at EWS Sonnenfeld in Bruck/Leitha.

Bauernjournal Österreich berichtet über positiven Praxistest auf der Agri-PV-Anlage EWS Sonnenfeld in Bruck/Leitha

Joachim Payr: "Since the harvest at the latest, the topic has been discussed with the farmers who manage the fields; everyone is convinced that mechanical cultivation between the PV module tables works without any problems."

EWS is now looking to refine the system based on initial practical experience and, above all, to further optimise the control system.

Agri-PV is tried and tested and suitable for practical use!

Even more important than the further development of EWS Sonnenfeld® is the persuasion work.

Joachim Payr: "Many of our projects are currently in the approval phase. We keep realising that the political and legal framework conditions are often still unclear in many areas. The authorities also still need to gain experience here. Projects such as the EWS Sonnenfeld in Bruck/Leitha help to clear such hurdles out of the way."

Read the entire article here (in German), or alternatively in the flip catalogue on pages X and XI (in German).

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