Photovoltaics technology platform (TPPV) visits Sonnenfeld

02.03.2023: A workshop on the topic of Agri-PV recently took the Photovoltaics Technology Platform to Bruck/Leitha. Right at the beginning of the workshop day, a visit to the EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha was on the agenda.

The EWS Sonnenfeld was ceremonially commissioned in November 2022 in the presence of Climate Protection Minister Gewessler and Agriculture Minister Totschnig and functions - under scientific supervision by BOKU Vienna - funded by the Climate and Energy Fund as a lighthouse project as research facility.

The participants of the TPPV workshop were enthusiastic about the tour, after all Joachim Payr, the "inventor" of the Sonnenfeld himself, guided them through the facility and presented the special features of the plant. What answers the research facility will provide was also of great interest to the expert audience.

The workshop also provided exciting insights into other Agri-PV projects in Austria and abroad. Fruit growing, wine and berry cultivation in combination with photovoltaics were also on the agenda.

Agri-PV has arrived in the industry! This is confirmed by the great interest of all participants in the Photovoltaic Technology Platform workshop.

"It fills us with great pride that so many different people - from interest groups to industry specialists to politicians and farmers - are interested in our Agri-PV pilot plant and that we can show that the concept is great, and that it is applicable for renewable electricity generation and food production," says Joachim Payr. "Our goal is to implement as many Sonnenfelder as reasonably possible by 2040 in the spirit of achieving climate neutrality. We see potential for Austria in 17 % of our total electricity demand."

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