17 % of total electricity consumption in Austria can come from Sonnenfeldern (Agrivoltaics).

14.04.2022: And that with the lowest possible land consumption, without sealing any soil. The calculation is as follows: There are around 2,100 municipalities in Austria. If every second municipality implements a 10ha EWS Sonnenfeld®, the solar electricity production of 12 TWh thus generated can cover 17% of Austria's total electricity consumption.

1,000 Agri-PV systems = 17 % of our total electricity consumption.

The great thing about this is that 80% of the land required for this can still be used for farming. The area under the rows of modules is also used. A flowering strip provides a habitat for small animals and insects and thus increases biodiversity in the field. Only 2 % of the area is needed for technology and anchoring the system. That is only 2,000 m2 for each municipality and per Agri-PV system and provides solar power for more than 3,000 households.

Solar power is sent to us by heaven! Let's use it wisely and with respect for people and nature.

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