Good news for Agri-PV. The EWS Sonnenfeld® is right on trend.

24.01.2022: We have set ourselves the entrepreneurial goal for 2021 of establishing (agri-) photovoltaics alongside wind energy as a new line of business in our company. With the further development of the EWS Sonnenfeld® to market maturity and the establishment of a competent team, we have come a big step closer to this goal.

Our team is already working diligently on several specific EWS Sonnenfeld projects and the demand for Agri-PV systems is steadily increasing.

We were able to achieve two further important milestones in 2021: The project start for the Agri-PV research and demonstration plant EWS Sonnenfeld - Bruck an der Leitha and the completion of the shell of our new office location, the Competence Centre for Wind Energy & (Agri-) Photovoltaics in Parndorf. In June 2022 we will celebrate the opening of the office in Burgenland and in summer the commissioning of the first demonstration plant in Bruck/Leitha is planned.

In total, our 2021 planning team was involved with around 200 MWp of photovoltaic projects in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Carinthia. It developed potential areas, carried out preliminary project planning for our customers in order to secure locations and developed the first rezoning and material approval projects.

With agri-photovoltaics, 80% of the total area remains available for agricultural use.

In contrast to compacted PV open space systems (sometimes called agro-photovoltaics in the media), with an agri-PV system 80% of the land remains available for agricultural use in addition to solar power generation. This makes this solution, which conserves soil resources, also interesting for good green and arable land. It also offers opportunities to increase biodiversity (flower strips) and to improve crop yields - keyword: partial shading to prevent soil drying out.

An important aspect of APV is that the system can be dismantled at the end of its useful life without leaving any residues. Good green and arable land is thus preserved!

The world is ready for 100% renewable energy

To achieve Austria's expansion targets in the field of photovoltaics totalling 11 TWh by 2030, we need all possible forms of solar power generation. Each variant has its justification. Depending on the conditions and possibilities at the location, we need the fastest, most economical and most environmentally friendly solution.

We offer you a customised and innovative complete solution for an agri-photovoltaic project on your property. You can use the land check to make an uncomplicated and non-binding enquiry with us right away.

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