EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha - Status: in operation!

10.11.2022: With the opening and commissioning of the research and pilot plant EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha, agri-photovoltaics is ready for practice! Together with Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler and Agriculture Minister Norbert Totschnig, the project partners EWS Consulting GmbH and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha GmbH commissioned the 3 MW plant.

The fact that electricity production can function with minimal land consumption and agricultural use is demonstrated by the EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha lighthouse project, which we had the pleasure of opening at a press event on 10 November 2022. With the help of the smart control software, the findings from the pilot plant are incorporated into every new Sonnenfeld project.

Practical test of the management worked very well!

Both the flowering strip under the module table rows and the first crops have already been mechanically planted and applied in the field. The two farmers Hannes and Michel are thrilled; everything worked smoothly and quickly.

"We now expect the pilot plant to provide us with information about how mechanised agricultural management works best in practice, which crops are best suited and what effects the agri-photovoltaic plant has on biodiversity. The movable sun catchers in combination with smart control software enable us to react to certain aspects such as type of crop, drought, precipitation and partial shading and to get the most out of the combination of solar power generation and plant growth," explains Joachim Payr of EWS as product developer of the sun field.

For details on the opening ceremony, please see the press release (in German).

Facts and figures on the Agri-PV research and pilot plant EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha can be found here.

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