The construction preparations for our research and demonstration plant "EWS Sonnenfeld - Bruck/Leitha" are in full swing.

25.10.2021: The EWS construction team headed by DI Markus Bernardi is currently busy with various geotechnical investigations. Dud bombs from the First and Second World War are still being found.

As with all our wind and PV projects, the first preparatory measures include a conscientious explosive ordnance survey followed by clearance. An aerial photo evaluation tailored to the construction project reveals potentially dangerous objects in the upper soil layers. In the event of a suspected explosive ordnance, a specialist company is involved to remove all munitions.

Markus Bernardi: "Explosive ordnance is found on our construction sites all the time. It is therefore routine for us to explore the areas in advance and clear them properly if necessary."

Another geotechnical soil investigation concerns the determination of the location of existing fixtures such as drainages and underground cables. Based on this, a site-specific and optimised static dimensioning of the supporting structure, as well as pile-driving and tensile tests, will be carried out.

Construction of the EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha is scheduled to begin in spring 2022.

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