With the passing of the Erneuerbaren Ausbau Gesetz (EAG), the way is now also clear for many EWS Sonnenfelder®.

08.07.2021: Long live the EAG! We celebrate with Federal Minister Eleonore Gewessler!

Long live the EAG - Thank you Minister Gewessler!

We have never doubted that agri-photovoltaics is also an important and meaningful option for Austria to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030. We are particularly pleased that the joint efforts of the team have now paid off and that agri-photovoltaics is now explicitly anchored in the Erneuerbaren Ausbau Gesetz, which passed the Austrian National Council on 7 July 2021.

It is now clearly stipulated that a distinction must be made between open-space PV systems and agri-PV systems. Dual use on arable land and grassland, as also made possible by the EWS Sonnenfeld®, is clearly wanted and even preferred in the EAG.

"It is important for our EWS Sonnenfeld® that a distinction is made between open-space PV systems and agri-photovoltaic systems. We need the differentiation because it makes a difference whether, in addition to solar power generation, I can continue to use the same area for agricultural purposes for the most part. This has also become clear to the politicians just in time, who have set such an important course for the coming years with the decision of the Erneuerbaren Ausbau Gesetz. This is a good reason for us to celebrate," says Joachim Payr, product developer of EWS Sonnenfeld® and the EWS team.

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