Agricultural photovoltaics - the most eco-friendly way of generating solar power.

24 June 2020: The Austrian Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union mentions the meaningful double utilisation of land for energy generation and agricultural production.

Compared to other sustainable energy sources, wind and solar power plants have the least impact on nature and the environment. Except for their foundation and the wind farm infrastructure, wind turbines do not bring about much loss of acreage. Photovoltaic systems, however, are different. That is why we developed a special agrivoltaics system that uses only 2% of the land, namely for anchoring the module table, for the access road and for the transformer, and which also allows farming to co-exist with it.

EWS Sonnenfeld® - why just once when you can do it twice?

There is no doubt that we need all conceivable types of solar power systems (compacted open space, agricultural PV, rooftop and building PV) to achieve our climate targets.

We firmly believe that agricultural photovoltaics is a modern and forward-looking version of solar power generation that meets the needs of the time and will make a significant contribution to the energy transition and to climate neutrality.

In a position paper dated 4 June 2020, the Austrian Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union writes: "... ground-mounted systems that convert monocultures (such as energy crops) or agricultural surplus land into a solar energy area in combination with extensive agricultural use can in fact enhance the area ecologically and improve biodiversity. For this reason the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union believes that the double utilisation of intensive land for energy production as well as for agricultural production makes sense.“

Read more about the position of the Austrian Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union.

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