Groundbreaking ceremony of the "EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha" - Agri-PV research and demonstration plant

03.05.2022: EWS and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha launch innovative lighthouse project on "Sun Day". 17% of the total electricity consumption in Austria could be produced in the future by agri-PV systems such as the solar field. This not only takes us a big step closer to achieving the national climate goals, it also brings us energy supply security and price stability.

With the ground-breaking ceremony for the 5 ha Agri-PV research facility "Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha", the basis for nature-compatible solar power generation with the lowest possible land consumption has now been laid.

Accompanied by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, questions regarding the simultaneous production of solar power and food on arable land and grassland will be clarified in the coming years and the mutual interactions of parallel electricity and agricultural production will be investigated under various conditions.

Unfortunately, Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler did not make it in time by night train from Brussels to Bruck/Leitha. Here, and in the press release, you can nevertheless read her statement on the project:

"In order for us to succeed in phasing out fossil gas, we will massively expand our domestic green energies from wind, water, sun and biomass. To do this, we all have to pull together - federal, state and local governments and be innovative. House roofs, noise barriers and even agricultural land can be used to generate electricity. The Agri-PV plant here in Bruck an der Leitha is a showcase project - it combines the production of valuable food with energy generation from the sun. In this way, it makes an important contribution to our supply of fruit, grain and vegetables and to the energy transition."

Press release (in German)

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